Our vaccines may become ineffective in emerging situations, says VK Paul

Omicron Covid 19

The head of India’s Covid Task Force expressed hope that Covid in India is moving toward endemicity, with a low or moderate level of transmission.
Amid concerns about Omicron, India’s Covid Task Force chief V K Paul said on Tuesday that there is a possibility that “our vaccines may become ineffective in emerging situations,” emphasizing the importance of being prepared to modify vaccines as needed.
He also hoped that Covid in India was heading toward endemicity, with a low or moderate level of transmission.
“We’ve had Delta shock, and now we’re getting Omicron shock… “There is a possibility that our vaccines will become ineffective in emerging situations as a result of the last three weeks of living with Omicron; we have seen how such doubts have arisen; some of them may be genuine; we still don’t have the full picture,” he said.
Speaking at an event hosted by the industry body CII, Paul emphasized the importance of having vaccine platforms that quickly adapt to variants’ changing nature.
“How soon can we develop a vaccine that uses the same platform but is now tailored to the variant of the day…?” “…moving away from the rapid development of generic vaccines, we must be prepared to have a situation where we are resiliently able to modify the vaccines as required” (d). This may not happen every three months, but it may happen once a year. As a result, that must be considered,” Paul explained.
On November 24, a new Covid variant known as B.1.1.529 or Omicron was reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) from South Africa.


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