How Can India Prevent COVID Third Wave?

covid third wave in India

India witnessed that the second wave of covid-19 was much more devastating than that of the first wave. This brings us to the conclusion that covid-19 third waves will be more severe if necessary steps and not taken. India has already lost many people because of the pandemic, so we need to take the given measures below to prevent covid third wave in India.
Necessary Action To Be Taken
The speed vaccination tells that it would take almost seven or eight months more to vaccinate all the country’s adults. This is, of course, due to the inadequate supply of vaccines. Government should take mandatory decisions to improve the supply of vaccines so that the probability of covid-19 will be lessened in India.
The behaviour of ordinary people is considered one of the primary reasons for the covid second wave. In the same way, it could be for the third wave. When the cases start declining, many people start returning to their free covid-19 routine as there is nothing like pandemic remained in the country. It should be ensured to follow the necessary covid rules by wearing mask maintaining social distance to prevent the third wave.
Washing hands is essential to prevent the spread of the third wave in India. However, many areas around the country are still suffering from water scarcity, so the government should work and take necessary steps to improve the same.
More covid testing centres need to be established at different places, which will help decline the crowd at a single location. Many people fear getting tested for COVID that they may contract the virus from the testing centres. So the government should ensure people with more testing centres with better facilities to prevent the upcoming third wave.


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