New Process of Covid testing – using pencil lead

covid vaccine uses lead pencil

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States have developed a cheaper, quicker, and more accurate Covid diagnostic test that employs graphite electrodes to detect the SARS CoV-2 Virus. Covid -19 tests uses Pencil lead mailny .It is the substance found in pencil lead.
COVID-19 has already claimed the lives of almost four million people throughout the world, and testing is critical to understanding and limiting its spread. Current testing, however, is restricted by the tradeoff between accuracy and sample analysis time. They emphasized that using graphite electrodes reduces testing costs to $1.50 for each test.
Penn researchers devised a novel electrochemical test that employs electrodes composed of graphite, the same substance found in pencil lead, to address cost, time, and accuracy. These electrodes, developed by C├ęsar de la Fuente, Presidential Assistant Professor in Bioengineering, reduce the test price to $1.50 and take only 6.5 minutes to deliver 100 percent accurate saliva results and up to 88 percent accuracy in nasal samples.

Researchers have created a new COVID-19 diagnostic test that uses pencil lead and is less expensive, faster, and more accurate.

“Right now, we’re striving to improve our tests’ technology and stability,” adds de la Fuente. “We’ll constantly be searching for new methods to improve LEAD, but we’re also striving to identify industry partners and perform additional clinical trials so that LEAD can be used for COVID testing as soon as feasible.”
While COVID-19 is the primary focus, de la Fuente’s tests can detect various other transmissible illnesses, ensuring that this study remains relevant in the future.
“Multiplexing, which will allow us to detect several viruses and bacteria in a sample, is another area of future study for our test design,” adds de la Fuente.
LEAD’s low cost and quick turnaround time might help it become one of, if not the first, electrochemical COVID-19 tests on the market shortly, and its fundamental sample detection technique could keep it on the market eternally.


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