As COVID spreads, New Zealand tightens its travel restrictions.

New Zealand tightens travel restrictions

To enter New Zealand, all air travelers who are not New Zealand nationals must be appropriately vaccinated.
As new cases of COVID-19 have arisen in formerly COVID-free locations, New Zealand has imposed stricter border restrictions.
“We are establishing the requirement for non-New Zealand nationals aged 17 and older to be fully vaccinated to enter New Zealand,” Christ Hipkins, the COVID-19 response minister, said on Sunday.
No jab, no-fly
Air New Zealand, the country’s flag carrier, also announced that beginning February 1, passengers on all international flights would be subject to a “no jab, no-fly” policy.
Due to rigorous border controls and lockdowns, the country has been generally prosperous in limiting the virus, with only 27 deaths in a population of five million. This has allowed pre-pandemic life to continue.
Lockdowns are enforced to the nth degree.
The tightened border controls came after two people tested positive for the virus in Hamilton and Raglan, prompting a five-day lockdown with only necessary mobility allowed.
The infections are not linked to the recent outbreak in Auckland, which is 160 kilometers (99 miles) distant.
The two-million-person city has been on lockdown for over seven weeks as officials battle a highly infectious Delta strain outbreak that has infected 1,320 people.
Over the weekend, about 2,000 people attended an anti-lockdown rally in Auckland, which Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described as a “total slap in the face” for those who had followed the rigorous regulations prohibiting public meetings.
Covid’s zero-sum game
New Zealand is pursuing a “COVID zero” approach to eradicate the virus.
Before the recent Auckland epidemic, it had been six months since there had been no community transmission.
According to the prime minister, tight lockdowns can be lifted if 90% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated instead of the present 46%.


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