Why Dr. Nowhera Shaik is a role model for us?

Why Dr. Nowhera Shaik is a role model for us

Dr. Nowhera Shaik- A lady who earned her place in society through her hard work and dedication is an inspiration for the youth of India. Dr. Nowhera Shaik is a humble human being with a positive attitude. She is a multi-talented lady and dominated every field she stepped into, like politics, business, and social services programs. She made India proud and received various awards on the national and international level for being a prominent businesswoman.

Nowhera Shaik had only one aim, and that was to empower the women of society. Every step that she took during her entire life was done to empower the women of society by providing different services. From providing economical support to prevailing justice, Nowhera shaik helped the women of the society through her acts.

Nowhera Shaik is a role model For Young Generations ! Why Did She Beccame So?

But the lady of honour was accused of running a fake investment scheme that impacted her social services program. Hyderabad police arrested her in 2018. This was a shock for the whole nation, especially for those receiving benefits through her social services. All of the accusations made against her were just propaganda plotted by her enemies and the enemies of India who do not wish to see women’s empowerment in society.

Nowhera shaik devoted her life to her work. Her political party was getting famous across many states of India. It was also the strong contender to win a seat in Telangana elections that were bound to happen in the specific year when Nowhera Shaikh was arrested. With a unique political agenda, she attracted many people to her political party. All of this positive stuff happening with her did not sit right with her enemies, and she was targeted due to political conflict. But even this could not stop her from performing social services. She will return soon to continue her mission.


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