Why did Nowhera Shaik fail to give back investors money?

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Nowhera Shaik is a name that history will remember her. The difficulties she bears, the problem she faces for the sake of poor women, girls and family will be unforgettable. She helped people through her business, the Heera Group. But she knows from the start that this is not sufficient. So she formed her political party, AIMEP. But her haters didn’t like it, so they started sending her threats. But this doesn’t stop her from helping other people. So her enemies trapped her in a false case.

In 2018 Nowhera Shaik was arrested by police. But she never loses her faith in Allah. She never gives up and keeps fighting. After three years of fighting at the end, the court favoured Dr Nowhera Shaik and slammed investors. Court-ordered SFIO to work on every problem of Dr. Shaik. They do not need to file a complaint in every department, and if they want to complain, they can register it in SFIO before 20th November.

Three reasons why Nowhera Shaik did not give back money as she promised till now

Nowhera Shaik was telling the same thing from the start that she could pay investors money. And now the court gives regular bail to Nowhera Shaik and orders her to pay all investors. Now people are thinking if Nowhera is out of jail, why she is not giving investors their money. The problem is that the department related to the case is not doing their homework assigned by the court.

FSL does not analyse data till now. Despite holding Dr .Shaik in custody and their data for more than two years, they failed to submit a report in court. ED did not unseal all property of Nowhera till now. There are lakhs of investors to give them money Nowhera Shaik needed to liquidate her property. She already gives back money to thousands of investors. But to give the rest of the investors their money, she needed her data back. Still, CCS does not give back data according to panchnama.


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