When Nowhera Shaik made a firm decision to expand her business.

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When Nowhera Shaik proved her innocence, she made a firm decision to expand her business. The target is to take the company to more than 50 gulf countries. The purpose of the expansion is to broaden the area of her philanthropic work. She invests in everything she has. The success behind the Heera Group is the trust of the investors. Nowhera is very lucky to get the best of the best investors. They supported her even in the dark times. Her investors motivate Nowhera to do more and more for society. And helps her to keep moving in life.

It wasn’t easy to build Heera Group again.

After the release of Nowhera, she gets busy with her work. It was so challenging to build this giant empire again. But she put her efforts into raising the company again. And now the company is achieving success. The company had expanded itself in different sectors, aiming to reach as many customers as possible. There is high demand for company products in the gulf countries. People love Heera Group products. Because they are cheap and are of their best quality, they are made with premium material. Through high-tech machines. Which is specially designed for manufacturing purposes.

Heera Group had taken one step forward to enter the digital world.

Heera Group had taken one step forward to enter the digital world. That means Nowhera had launched the Heera Digital World. With this, Nowhera had expanded her business to the online world. She is utilizing all resources she has to grow her business. When everything is available online, Nowhera doesn’t want to be left behind. With the launch of Heera Digital World. Nowhera made it possible to trade Gold, Platinum, and Silver with the help of mobile. With Heera Digital World, Nowhera is decreasing the gap between her and her investors and making it possible for small-scale investors to invest in digital gold and other metals.


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