What Nowhera Shaik is doing to stop male domination in the business world?

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Nowhera Shaik is always boosting the self-esteem of young girls. She wanted to end male domination in the business world. She does not want any girl to have to suffer , the way she suffers. Any girl doesn’t have to go through the phase she had to. This patriarchal system should end. The business should have no limitations. Women and men should be treated equally. She wanted to eradicate male chauvinism. Nowhera wants to avail the same opportunities for women, that male had given. So that women don’t have to suffer as they are used to. Mostly in poverty-stricken societies.

Treatment of Partiality and its solutions

Nowhera Shaik was born in a poor family. There are many more poor families around her. Nowhera had watched many tortures on the women. Society treated them differently than men. She saw every type of partiality that a woman has to go through. Soon she realized to end these tortures someone has to help them. Someone has to interfere with the right solution. So she takes the responsibility into her own hands. She has to change that. So the evil that became a custom. Can be banished from this nation. She provides financial aid to these women to start a start-up. She educates them about small businesses.

How much Nowhera has to bear for justice

In her entrepreneur career. She goes through much torture by the police. Her rivals even trapped her in this judiciary system. And she has to spend three years in jail. A dummy case was created against her. Without proving the allegation on her. And without any judgement from the court. Police took her into their custody. Generally, crime has proved first. Then we punish a person. She has to go through so much pain that no one can imagine. First, she was arrested without prior notice. Then the police took her without any law. Astonishingly, nobody objected. For taking her in illegal captivity.


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