Vaccinated, cured, or dead’: Germany fights a rising number of COVID cases.

Germany covid 19 case

‘Several European countries have imposed restrictions on COVID -19 infections, prompting Germany’s health minister to issue a dire warning.
As several European countries impose restrictions amid rising infections, the German health minister has warned citizens that they will either be “vaccinated, cured, or dead” from COVID-19 by the end of the winter.
Vaccinated, cured, or dead
“By the end of this winter, pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured, or dead,” Jens Spahn said, urging more Germans to get the vaccine.
Germany’s current COVID restrictions, which include barring the unvaccinated from specific public spaces, “are not enough,” according to outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel.
According to participants, Merkel told a meeting of her conservative CDU party leaders that “we have a theatrical situation” in which new infections “double every 12 days.”
In Austria, the number of cases is increasing.
Meanwhile, Austria has re-entered a full-fledged national lockdown to stem the spread of coronavirus.
The decision in the Alpine country comes as the average daily death rate has tripled in recent weeks, and hospitals in hard-hit states warn that their intensive care units are nearing capacity.
Officials say the lockdown will last at least ten days but could last up to 20. Austria became the first Western European country to reintroduce a complete shutdown since vaccines became widely available.
Under the new regulations, people can only leave the house for specific reasons, such as shopping, going to the doctor, or exercising.
Non-essential stores have shut down, and Austrians are being encouraged to work from home if at all possible.
COVID rules are being protested.
Some people are vehemently opposed to the new measures, particularly the vaccine mandate.
According to police, 40,000 people attended a protest in Vienna on Saturday, including far-right parties and groups members.
According to Simmons, some Austrians felt the new restrictions and mandatory vaccination was “too much for them.”
On November 19, 2021, a scooter caught fire during a protest against the 2G policy in Coolsingel, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Hundreds of people have gathered to protest the tightened coronavirus regulations. [Killian Lindenburg/EPA-EFE]
“People are accusing the government of authoritarian tactics,” he said, referring to the Saturday protests.
Other European countries, including Belgium, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, held protests against the renewed virus restrictions over the weekend.


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