To refund the investor’s money, Heera Group and SFIO have been working together

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Even after calling several times and requesting investor data, Heera Group has not received a satisfactory response. There have been numerous attempts by Nowhera shaik to get the SFIO officials to step in and help. It will be easier for investors to get their money back if they allow the Heera Group properties to be liquidated so that data can be accessed. The CCS, on the other hand, has not yet received the information and is not yet prepared to turn it over.

To help Heera Group gain access to investor data, SFIO is ready to assist.

Nowhera Shaik said, ‘Insha’Allah, the SFIO would be ready to intercede and help me acquire access to the investor data so that I may restore the investors’ money,’ It’s difficult for any business to pay back such a large sum of money using only historical data. For Heera Group and everyone else, we hope that SFIO will be available as soon as possible.
She went on to say that she does not have any intention of defrauding my investors. Those spreading false information to defraud investors will be held accountable, inshAllah. Everything is in the hands of Allah now. He’d be better off dealing with such undesirables with his experience. All I know is that Heera Group will reimburse SFIO as soon as they can gain access to the data.
Hopefully, Allah will be good to all investors who have faith in Heera Group and spent their hard-earned money on it. Inshallah InshaAllah, everyone’s money will be returned as soon as possible. Greetings from Allah Khari, and peace be upon him.


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