The Heera Group resumed its activities from August 1st.

Heera Group

After a long pause in Heera group operations, they have started their activities on Sunday, August 1st. In this regard, their leader Nowhera Shaikh asked her employees to join the sector as early as possible. Heera group was enforced to stop its activities for a long time due to allegations of running a fraudulent scheme. But as the truth is coming out and everyone can see that it was not a fraudulent scheme Nowhera and her company has resumed their operations. Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, the CEO of Heera Group, has previously stated that she will resume her company operations as soon as possible.

Heera Group of Companies Latest News ; Get Update !

The Heera Group is an Indian firm that began its operations with gold importation and exports. The firm was founded in 1998 by Dr. Nowhera Shaikh. It was a dream project for Nowhera, an aspirant entrepreneur from an Andhra Pradesh Muslim household. Nowhera is passionate and committed to the success of her company. She likes taking on new difficulties in her line of work regularly. As a result, she extended her firm into various other areas, including textiles, mineral water, tourism, electronics, etc. Her tireless efforts and never-say-die attitude enabled her Heera Group to expand its operations to five nations. She aimed to provide financial assistance and support to low-income families.
Meanwhile, within this month, the firm will resume its social activities. 
 Due to Dr. Shaikh’s arrest for the Gold Ponzi Scheme, the globally renowned firm was forced to shut down temporarily. She has later proven herself to be trustworthy and was released from prison. She then stated that she would repay all investors who had put money into the gold scam.
Nowhera Shaikh also stated that her social services would resume and start providing services to the community. She has also raised a hand in preventing the third layer of COVID.


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