The Heera Group is engaged in development projects in rural areas

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An interest-free business company, Heera Group, discusses halal investing opportunities. Nowhera Shaik’s objective was to serve the nation’s interest when she founded it back in 1998. There are a variety of businesses in the group, including gold, mineral water, and real estate.
Nowhera Shaik has put in a lot of time and effort to manage a successful firm with the help of a team of dedicated and qualified employees. Over a dozen enterprises are part of the Heera conglomerate. It deals with gold, investments, textiles, electronics, cuisine, jewelry, travel, real estate, Hajj and Umrah, and other Islamic pilgrimages.
There’s no doubt that Nowhera Shaik is an advocate for human rights and women in need. She supported countless organizations that aim to improve the lives of women and children. She started the Heera Group organization to help her with her charity endeavors. It is common for individuals to launch a business, then support social causes if it succeeds. Health and education are two areas of focus for my philanthropic endeavors.

The Heera Group has long encouraged women to start a business that can be used as a tool for social good

Nowhera Shaik said that “Since I was a child, I’ve worked to increase access to higher education for women in rural areas of my nation. I afterward established many educational institutes and Madrasas to facilitate the lives of impoverished women. The Heera Group has long encouraged women to start a business that can be used as a tool for social good. An ultimate visionary with a clear conscience and well-thought-out strategy, the company is. I’ve made a significant impact in the fields of education and health. As I grew older, so did my perspective on society and my knowledge of crimes against women”.
Moreover, she added that “Since I was 19, I’ve had a goal of educating impoverished females. For the sake of educating young females, I sold everything of my family’s property and even my own home. Despite the difficulties, I persevered and opened a school for the underprivileged. Having attended a madrasa, I understand the value of education firsthand. Many women look up to me because of the hardships I suffered as a youngster, which has made me a role model for them”.


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