The Heera Group is an inspirational journey.

Heera Group success story

The Diamond Group believes in the sustainable expansion of the business. This policy has made them a vital business competitor in the domestic market and the international market!

Endure the humiliation but remain steadfast in the goal:

When it first started with the bit of effort of Nowhera Shaik, there were endless obstacles from all around her. Not only was she criticized for trying new things, but she was also insulted many times for the ideas she took for her business. Many said the diamond group would not last even a few months, and she proved it wrong. Nowhera Shaik brought the stone to life through her impeccable efforts.
She went from one step to another and created the Quantum of her will. Instead of building a void with a stylish face, she made a rock-solid empire of her own. She is one of the very few Muslim entrepreneurs in India where the total value of assets of her company Heera Group is INR 1,00,000 crore.

Maintaining investor confidence:

Its strength lies in the structural planning and impeccable planning that it must deliver to its customers. In addition, the Diamond Group has numerous categories for various products and services. Construction materials from textiles Intense contraction in the type of products sold by the Diamond Group. There are several ubiquitous initiatives in several areas to build this company as a pilgrimage site for investors. There are multiple pockets for investment, and in reality, More than 1.5 lakh investors from all over the world have their stake in Hera Group. Nowhera Shaik has devised various schemes for her company, such as giving 5% profit to girls, especially in rural areas. She is the most prominent female business tycoon who has made many impossible things possible with her mere work.

Nowhera Shaik has always been a person ‘behind the lens’. She firmly believes in a secular, safe and tolerant society for all.


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