Supreme Court Has Allowed To Started Heera Group

Heera Group is constructing

Nowhera Shaik has been targeted

Nowhera Shaik, founder and CEO of Heera Group has been targeted by some conspirators who envy
her. Nowhera Shaik is a lady of strong power will, a self reliant lady blend with other skills. She has
inspired many women to be independent. She has strived hard for making her business on the top.
As a woman entrepreneur she is impeccable. She has made her business stand out but some people
could not tolerate her success. They played conspiracies against her and tarnished the image of her
company. She had to face lots of criticism as many people filed false complaints against her. The
investment scheme run by her company, touted as a ponzi scheme. Due to mnay false complaints,
problems. This is completely a wrong action. Nowhera Shaik has
been brutally targeted. It is unfair not to listen the person’s voice and suppressing it.

they put us to the test, he (Almighty) made us the best”!

After false complaints, many rude actions took place against Nowhera Sahik. Even she was not able
to access the data of company as it as frozen by Central Crime Station. So the accessibility to own data. She had to face lots of difficulties. But famous line that truth always wins, Nowhera Shaik has won

But as there is a famous line that truth always wins, Nowhera Shaik has won. Supreme Court has
allowed her to operate her business. She has already made her powerful comeback in her business.
People who were against her and filed false cases may be regretting as truth has come in front of everyone, but Heera group investment scheme was fair but unfortunately some people targeted her
and ruined her image. This has been very disappointing for the people who want to be
entrepreneurs in the future. It can create a negative impression upon emerging entrepreneurs but
it can be related to business world that they may also face these kinds of conspiracies.


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