Pangs of the Petroleum Products Inflation

petroleum products

The time has come to avoid a ride with girlfriends, as all the good ends up in the feeling of poor mileage though your bike delivers production line standards because you have still the fresh memory of 70 Rupees per liter. Petrolium products price is rising steadily. Come out of the dream land or the area called ‘Achchay Din’ committed to you by the Capitalist Government of Prime Minister Modi, as rest assured that all the dreams are confined to the birth right of the new comers with silver spoon to this world, but not for a common man because if you are from a lower middle class or just trickle somewhere near the poverty line then struggles and depreciation in living standard falls in your share. .

Energy consumption is a significant part of life, as the development of entire population depends upon it. But Energy is also not for free like other things and the expensiveness of petroleum products from cooking gas to petrol have turned into a real witch that is invisible, but devours the money especially from pocket to the small business cash counter.

After 2014 elections people imagined of ‘Utopia’ or a ‘Ram Rajya’ in Hindi Language, but this government also proved that it is not much different than the previous ones, but the worst part of the story is that the allegations from some independent Indian & foreign media outlets on the basis of fact figures is framed as conspiracy of the opposition or UPA by the leading Indian media streams.

The Indians have to think out of the box to avoid falling prey to the false narratives, and should understand that corruption is the nation’s worst enemy than Pakistan or China. If Indians fail to nail the fallacies or propaganda served for election gains then no fact figures produced on crude oils and the excessive taxation will work.


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