Paint Them With Success-Dr Nowhera Shaik

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Nowhera Shaik’s life is often monochromatic unless you want to paint it with the color of freedom. Adding color to a monochrome color frame is not easy but certainly possible. Nowhera Shaik made it possible.
Keep Herself Steady In All Situations:
Life is a constant clash of static inertia and enormous dynamics. We often like to confine our vision to just a few events in life and enjoy it. Still, we often forget about the other complexities of life that are as beautiful as the dew in a fresh morning or perhaps a rainbow of many colors in a warm afternoon. Life is full of events, and this is what Nowhera Shaik has constantly reminded herself of!
A colorful canvas of life, a noisy uproar, green eye envy, chatter and hissing, quarrels over the muscles of power, betrayal, the color of his happiness against the colored canvas, the shaky movement of the muscles, and then the monochromatic canvas! These random situations can give the best description of his last few years! Random! Mere randomness and she was huddling around the corner of his darkroom allotted for him in prison!
Remain Steadfast In Your Work Even After Changing Places:

Nowhera Shaik suddenly went downhill from the zenith. A person loses the chance to come only when something changes quickly. Nowhera Shaik was strong and fought in every muscle game. She had no power over treacherous imagination, and she had only a lunch box of love! The love she has gleaned from his past experiences, the women from whom she has given meaning to life, or perhaps the young woman she married to his suitor, or maybe the little child whose street was filled with hopeful eyes!
Nowhera Shaik kept her faith intact even when she should have been torn to pieces. She told the world that Imprisonment or any obstacle or anything could not prevent anyone from getting back the lost position. All you have to do is draw successfully!


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