Nowhera Shaik’s top priority is Education.

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Education is always the top priority of Nowhera Shaik. The rural children didn’t have access to a high quality of Education. Thanks to lockdown, their Education is also snatched away from them. But Nowhera steps forward to help these people. She provides these children with world-class Education. So that they will be prepared for international-level challenges, these children are like the stars on the ground. If we don’t find them, they will be lost in this world. Every child is a precious asset of the nation and should be nurtured carefully. If we did not care for them properly, the result could be very disastrous.

Nowhera Shaik : No girl left behind uneducated.

Because of women’s poor situation in rural parts, Nowhera Shaik established schools and universities in the rural parts of India. She wanted no girl left behind uneducated. However, schools are now closed due to covid restriction. And due to court restrictions, the Heera Group also closed for the previous two and half years. As of now, the case is near its end. And the case is now going in favor of Nowhera. Nowhera has to face many hardships to come to this case, and she has to bear many hardships for the sake of others. Nowhera is not going to give up so easily. Soon her educational institute will be working.

Education is very necessary for a person well being

Education is the most important aspect of life. Education is very necessary for a person’s well-being. Education differentiates between unaware and aware. Nowhera was not so lucky to get a complete education in her childhood. But she knows the importance of Education. She completed it in her adulthood. Now she is making sure that Education reaches every household. We should not be hopeless if we achieve less. Always seeing the past provides no good to our present. Instead, we should always live in the present. And try to figure out problems with their solution. So that life keeps moving smoothly.


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