Nowhera Shaik’s Heera Group of Companies operates in a variety of businesses.

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The Heera Group of Companies operates in a variety of industries. Nowhera Shaik, a brilliant young woman with a vision full of sparks and hopes, launched the company 23 years ago! This can help to foster a feeling of self-identity.
She had no desire for recognition after serving people with their needs during her entrepreneurial adventure. Furthermore, Heera Group has received various accolades and recognitions under her direction and supervision.
Heera Group’s medical aid and phone clinic services have been expanded. Despite the fact that Heera Group has contributed assets for Covid-19 patient camps and medical supplies at the door as part of this initiative. They also gave out a significant quantity of ration packs to the poor.
Heera Gold is the group’s most advanced company, and it plays the most important function. This company takes great care to produce high-quality Gold Bars at competitive prices, which has contributed to its golden success.

Heera Digital Gold is a new venture that aims to provide gold at the lowest feasible price while also delivering it to your door.

Heera Tours and Travels is the perfect travel companion for those who appreciate taking long and short vacations to spend time with themselves or their families. It has successfully established itself as the leading travel planner, providing the most exceptional services to assist you in discovering numerous national and international vacation spots.Heera Jewellers has a superb selection of over 35000 classic and contemporary Indian designs. By offering patterns and finished gold jewellery, this company makes a substantial contribution to the gold and jewels market. Heera Jewellers has also established itself in the retail sector.Heera Electronics sells high-quality electrical goods at a low cost. Nowadays, it is vital to keep electrical goods up to date, and this firm ensures that its customers obtain a user-friendly atmosphere.


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