Nowhera Shaik’s achievements make India proud.

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Nowhera Shaik is a proud Indian. The heights she reached in her business career are appreciable. She not only makes her family proud but also her nation. Awards she received not only increased fame and respect for herself but also for India. She achieved so much success that she became a famous India’s name on an international platform. She has already gets rewarded by many business forums for her success in the business world. She broke the belief that business is only for men. Now she is the richest Muslim woman in the world. She is the figure of women empowerment in India and the world.

Nowhera Shaik makes India proud with her work.

When Nowhera Shaik started her business, people made fun of her. Some people criticized her that her company would not stay more than one month. But she ignored all criticism and dedicated herself to her work. She has a theory that you have to keep working if you want to keep moving in life. And she not only succeeded but also became no.1 and showed Indians power.

A nation is built with its people. After becoming a billionaire, she doesn’t forget her nation’s people. She keeps doing philanthropic work. And make India proud. Not everybody remembers his past when they become wealthy. But Nowhera never forgets her nation. She provides services like health care, parental care, counseling, mobile clinics, and free education in India. This makes her the only woman in India that offers such expensive services for people.

She was creating job opportunities, not in India but also in foreign countries. Nowhera Shaik also has a presence in middle eastern countries and china as she has her company branches there. She is also planning to expand the Heera Group in more than 50 countries. And in all these countries, India’s name will be taken with respect. Indians will say their country name with pride around the world. Nowhera Shaik not only makes India proud but also every citizen of it.


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