Nowhera shahik

What’s the intention to arrest a business owner without any notice?

Well, many voices were heard that Nowhera Shaik is a cheater. A person can be called a cheater when he escapes from what he has done without answering. She has never run away from all these. She is still standing in front of everyone and facing all the challenges. She has given clear answers to the questions asked though she was arrested and kept in jail for three years. She could answer all the questions raised by the police officers and others during these three years.  

Why was she arrested? Was it to weaken her strength? Isn’t it mental harassment? Do people want her to be disturbed and diverted from her successful path?

She was an entrepreneur; she will know how she can manage the businesses and media and all other kinds of stuff. She has thousands of questions in her mind to be cleared

When she was arrested, 20 victims filed FIR, which was a total investment of just one crore Indian rupees. Still, she had already deposited five crores at the session court, Telangana, as a guaranteed deposit. The investor’s money could have been cleared on the spot using this deposit by the court. Why was it not done? 

When her company “Heera Group of companies” was under investigation by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office, why was the owner arrested? 

Acts 420 and 506 were also registered against her; why did she have done all transactions legally. 

When this strong lady who built such a large company has all these struggles, who questions are not bothered, will any other common girl get justice under laws? 

Whom we have to question now? Dr Nowhera Shaik has to raise her voice and get the justified answer for all that happened with her.  


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