Nowhera Shaik ; An Iron lady

Nowhera Shaik

Dr. Nowhera Shaik is a well-known Indian political leader and entrepreneur. Her story is an inspiration to every young woman. Throughout her life, she gave particular preferences to women of the country. Nowhera Shaik works for women empowerment. She empowered the young girls by imparting free education so they can know their rights. She believed that women could only be empowered if they are given proper education.

Why did she join politics?

Her political agenda was different from most of the politicians in the country. Nowhera Shaik works for women empowerment mainly. And as always, her main focus was to empower the women of India. She was hugely impressed by Begum Aizaz Rasool, who worked for the welfare of women. As a politician, she had no interest other than uplifting the women of this society by providing them economic support and offering them justice.

The arrest of Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik’s arrest was a shock for the whole nation. She was falsely accused of running an investment scheme. Her arrest was simply plotted to stop her from participating in elections since she was getting famous among people and was a strong contender for winning the assembly elections in Telangana.

When investors were asked to share their point of view, they showed faith and were hopeful that their leader would return soon. Those investors who asked to get their money back have been repaid. Still, many loyal investors are standing beside Nowhera Shaik and waiting for her return. Dr. Nowhera Shaik clearly stated that some people couldn’t digest the fact that a woman was successfully running a business and was becoming a famous politician, so they plotted against me.

Dr Nowhera Shaikh got six-week bail on January 19, 2021. And will soon be released as most of the investors who requested their money back were repaid, and the process is still going on. We are hopeful that Nowhera Shaik will be released soon and finish her mission to make the change.


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