Nowhera Shaik:- Voice for 35000 Indians who struck in Kuwait

Nowhera Shaik
she wanted every woman in her community to be stood on their strength and get motivated each day to empower themselves.

Raising the voice and bringing hope to many people with our actions is not just a silly matter but for Nowhera Shaik, she lives for serving humankind and stands up with the abandoned classes. The incident happened in July 2018. About
Thirty-five thousand workers have been stranded in Kuwait since June 2016. The workers are waiting for the salary dues from the company ‘Kharafi national’. Kharafi National is an infrastructure and contracting company which is based in Kuwait. And in between there visas expired, resulting in workers staying in Kuwait an illegal procedure. The workers were in a situation where they could be jailed at any moment.

The workers are from Gujarat, UP, West Bengal Bihar, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. As they are staying to get their dues, the company approached them and told them that Kharafi National is not able to pay their dues. Workers live in a very pathetic situation with no food, money, medical facility, shelter. They existed with the food offered by the external help from the Philanthropic body. Workers were at the wreck of suicide and suffered a lot when thinking about their family members. Many had so many financial problems and debts to repay. No helping hands were seen from India. The bunch of justices Ranjan Gogoi and R Banumathi insisted on the home ministry taking urgent steps, but nothing went right. Many India represented centers and the Indian embassy in Kuwait did not do meaningful things for workers. As a result, the situation of workers became worse.

At last, Nowhera Shaik raised her voice for the workers in Kuwait t. She moved to the Supreme Court and pleaded for their life. Her lawyers Vineet Dhanda and JP Dhanda approached the court and filed the petition seeking emergency intervention. She also asked for giving assistance and full support to workers until they returned home. NowheShaikaik once again proved that she is a striking voice for the avoided classes.


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