Nowhera Shaik- The Journey Ahead

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The Nowhera Shaik Indian Company was founded as the Diamond Group of Companies 23 years ago by Dr. Nowhera Nana Saheb Shaik. The Heera Group is a well-defined entity with an interest in various natures as an organized leadership led by Nowhera Shaik, the first Muslim woman in India. She is a well-known female entrepreneur redefining a modern industry.

The Turning point:

He started as a vegetable seller in Tirupati with his mother as a teenager. Little did he know then that he would form 17 companies that would boast more than 2 lakh investors in the southern and western states and do business worth over Rs 1,000 crore.

She is the eldest of five siblings, the daughter of a cleric who led prayers in a mosque near Tirupati. She studied Islam in a madrassa for a couple of years. During this time, he came in contact with several women in his village. He started selling jewelry bought from goldsmiths and soon formed a group that invested in his business and shared the profits of Nowhera. And it proved to be a turning point.

The Journey of Nowhera Shaik Ahead:

In 2008 her partner suggested running the business on a larger scale. During this time, she formed her first firm

Heera Gold. She bought her sister and brother in her business and soon developed 16 other companies; In the name of the diamond group of all companies, including food, retail, construction, travel, and jewelry.

But, the fall of Nowhera Shaik was the result of the same expansion that brought him success; The 47-year-old single mother wearing a burqa has been in her reach for seven years. Recently, Nowhera Shaik launched a political party called the All Indian Women Empowerment Party (AIMEP). He is a humanitarian and is also involved in many humanitarian and charitable activities.


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