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Dr. Alima Nowhera Shaik is a kind-hearted woman. Who sacrificed her life for the backward people. She is the only businesswoman who fixed 2% of her profit for the poor women. She provides free education to thousands of financially weak children, from scratch to the no.1 entrepreneur. She has to bear many difficulties in this journey. She even had to stay behind bars for more than three years. Still, she is helping others. In days of the pandemic, Nowhera Shaik has donated covid vaccines in rural areas.

Enemies in the journey of Nowhera Shaik

However, still, some people have hatred in their hearts for Nowhera Shaik. These are those people who want to take advantage of people based on their caste and religion. After entering politics, some big parties became her enemy. But she never became afraid of them despite giving many threats. She never stops her journey. They even trapped her in their propaganda, which sucked her three precious years of her life. But she never gives up hope. And always trusted Allah. Nowhera Shaik believes that every difficulty is a test from Allah. And in a test, we don’t lose hope but try hard to pass it.

Difficulties faced by Nowhera Shaik

Despite many hurdles put by life and her enemies but all hurdles failed to stop this brave woman. She is still doing her business with much bigger dreams. She has hope in Allah, who never leaves her alone in conditions when everyone leaves her side. The positive mindset gives her strong power to move ahead in life. She is like an unformidable tank who cannot be stopped. After a tough fightback, Nowhera Shaik is moving ahead in life. She has already launched digital gold, silver, and platinum. And I d now planning to expand her business in Latin America and Africa.


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