Nowhera Shaik is not a weak woman; she is one of the strongest and will not budge from her position.

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Most school-age children throughout the globe are aware that Dr.Nowhera Shaik is one of the wealthiest Indian ladies, with a net worth of more than one lakh crores.
But do we know how long it took her to develop The Heera Group? Almost everyone is acquainted with India’s wealthy men and their compelling tales, but are we as well aware of these statistics regarding the majority of women in the modern world? Is it anything we have in the domain?

Dr. Nowhera Shaik, the Heera Group’s founder and CEO is one of India’s wealthiest women.

“The Heera Group founder, as well as CEO Dr. Shaik, is one of the wealthiest Indian women,” we should be more alert. She is a self-made millionaire; at first, she had to work as a vegetable vendor and teach the Quran to all the poor rich neighborhood girls. Her incredible path has moved us from a Quran instructor to one of the most prosperous Indian ladies in the modern nation.
Dr. Shaik has always wanted us to be successful businesspeople. When she was five years old, she started selling vegetables for her family’s income. This was one of the first entrepreneurial lessons she had received. She had also begun purchasing and selling second-hand clothes. This is one of the most exciting aspects of Shaik’s remarkable memoirs.
Dr. Shaik then formally created the “All India Mahila Empowerment Party– (AIMEP)” to raise and support women’s participation in all Indian elections. Dr. Shaik’s insightful actions and comments were meant to shatter societal taboos. She is forthright about current social and political concerns, especially those impacting women or children directly or indirectly.


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