Nowhera Shaik Strategy After Regular Bail

Nowhera Shaikh

The Supreme court of India granted Nowhera Shaik got regular bail on 5th August. While talking to the media, she expressed her gratitude towards her supporters. She thanked everyone who raised their voice for her. She said that “For every setback Allah has a major comeback. I knew I didn’t do anything wrong and I had complete trust on judiciary of India that I will be granted justice”.
With her regular Bail, The noble lady has rejoined her company “Heera Gold” with a new aim and motivation to serve people. The process of repaying the investors will be completed soon. She hinted that the upcoming time would be a good time for her company and the investors. Those loyal investors who did not withdraw their money and stood beside Nowhera Shaik will now earn the fruit of their patience as Nowhera Shaikh said they would enjoy a huge benefit.

Nowhera Shaik got regular bail; After Release ,The noble lady has returned to her company, “Heera Gold,” with a new goal and ambition to help others.

The arrest of Nowhera Shaik could not change her aim and motives to serve humanity. Some enemies tried to stop her from doing good and made some false allegations against her. But a brave lady like her faced every difficulty with great courage and determination and fought like a warrior. Now she is even more motivated to serve people through her social services. She is looking to expand the Heera company further. Her social services that were benefitting a large community will not be affected anymore. Her aim to empower women will resume, which will be a big set off for her enemies who could not digest that women were being empowered.
Nobody dares to do what she did in terms of empowering women in society. Nowhera Shaik’s journey is filled with adversity. She worked extremely hard in every aspect of her life to achieve success. Her main purpose was to empower women in society by assisting them in whatever way she could. Now with her return, we will get to see more development in this regard.


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