Nowhera Shaik Got A Regular Bail- The Great Return Of A Warrior

Nowhera Shaikh

Finally, the good news for the Nowhera Shaik supporters and well-wishers of India is that the Supreme court of India has granted Nowhera Shaikh with regular bail. Now she can start working regularly and move the Heera group forward to success.
All of the Heera family and loyal investors are happy that their leader has finally returned.
After the regular bail, Nowhera Shaik thanked every person who stood behind her in her bad time. She thanked the Supreme court and judges who gave her justice by granting her regular bail. She said that “She wants to salute the Indian constitution; it is because of them that she has been granted justice. She called upon every man and woman of India that you are facing injustice or being oppressed anywhere. You should take the help of law as we are in the safe hands, and they surely provide you justice.”

Nowhera Shaik gave written affidavit before the Metropolitan Sessions Judge, indicating that her company will reimburse investors’ payments in four instalments over the course of 16 months.

She especially thanked her loyal investors and everyone who stood behind her and raised their voice for Nowhera Shaik. She gave positive news to the Heera family that her company will now move forward with all new zeal.
Nowhera Shaik’s regular bail is a source of happiness for the Heera family and those relying on Nowhera Shaik for their monthly income. Her social services that were affected after her arrest will now provide their services smoothly to the people. She emphasized that the upcoming time will be a good time for the company and her loyal investors.
She has always been keen to serve humanity. With a regular bail, she will start working and won’t waste her time. She will lead her company too much more achievements than it already has. She can now finally complete her unfinished mission of empowering women.


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