Nowhera Shaik Challenges and achievements

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Nowhera Shaik started a residential college for girls at 1 to provide advanced education to young girls. In those days, She began teaching with only six students, who gradually grew to 1000 and grew in a short time.

Nowhera Shaik took the most complicated risk at a young age:

Early success and courage helped her start a women’s team. Shaik later sold her ancestral property and founded a diamond group to create a residential school for girls. However, one thing is clear that she did not take the loan because she knows that interest-based loan is forbidden in Islam. So she decided to choose an alternative way to start her business journey. It was not easy to take such a considerable risk at the age of 20. Moreover, as a woman, it is complicated to take such risks.
In 2017, Hera Group was the most profitable company. In 2017, Hera Group recorded the best performance of all time in the last 23 years. And trades in gold, textiles, real estate and electronics.

Nowhera Shaik’s outstanding achievement:

Nowhera Shaik has received the Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award for outstanding service to the nation. Mumbai Ratan Award 2014 for Outstanding Contribution to Education and Human Services, Bharat Gaurav Award 2014, Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award 2013, Best New Commerce Brand Winner Award and Best Business Leadership Award for Industry Development.
She has also won the honorary award for ‘Hera Gold Chartered Best Transfer’ from the UAE. She has also won the Anthony Gold Bullion Company Limited UK Award and the Tajir Gold Dust and Bar Ghana Limited Award.
She was a proud recipient of several awards, reflecting her skills in the business world and her indomitable passion for helping people in need. With the integration of knowledge and hard work, she firmly articulated the growth of the organization. Her selfless service to society and her urge to climb the ladder of corporate success and empowerment have paved the way for many young women to fulfil their purpose.


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