Nowhera Shaik bears everything patiently.

Nowhera Shaik images

Nowhera is a brave lady. She faced difficult times with patience. The problems and difficulties are all sent by Allah. To test our determination towards our work. To see if we adhere to our motives and face challenges with patience and trust Allah. Nowhera is a religious woman. Discouragement and Hopelessness are not in her dictionary. She is never afraid of anyone except Allah.

Hopelessness is unfaithfulness. Nowhera has firm faith in Allah. She is a lady of solid principle. She values truth and justice. Her morals are so right that she will never do wrong to anyone. Nowhera believes in secularism. She never treated anyone based on caste, religion, or colour. She wants justice for women and the poor. She has a mission of justice.

She is not going to put down her weapon so quickly. She is an Iron lady. She came so far struggling in this patriarchal society not to give up. But to fight back like a lioness. She was standing firm for every person who was in distress. She had a helping attitude from her childhood. She is one of the top benign people in the country.

Nowhera is working night and day to give back all investors’ money. She had needed assistance from CSS. But they didn’t cooperate despite no cooperation from CSS. Nowhera is doing everything she can. She builds trust through years of hard work. And she is never going to lose it. People like Nowhera because of her helping nature. She was always kind to weak people.

People responsible for this mishap should be punished.

The people responsible for blaming without any proof should be punished. They are defaming her without any reason and running false propaganda against her. They have to answer for their actions. They have to take responsibility for their crimes.


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