Nowhera Shaik Awarded In Business

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik dominated every sector of life that she put her step into. Nowhera Shaik’s journey to becoming a powerful businesswoman is inspiring and motivating, especially for Young Indian women who dream beyond the limits. She was not from a rich background, and she built this business empire all on her own.
Heera Group of companies under the supervision of Nowhera Shaik marked its presence in a very short period. Now Heera group has become one of the biggest empires in India that provides their services in various fields like jewelry, E-commerce, travel, and much more. She disproved all of the business-related hoaxes through her efforts. And she demonstrated that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik honoured with Business leadership icon award

For her brilliance in Business, she has received the Business leadership icon award 2013; some of the other awards received by her are: –
Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award 2013
Woman of Integrity and Purpose Award 2016
Gulfood Award – Best New Comer Brand 2016
Stardust Achievers Award 2017
Extraordinaire – Powerful Women Achiever by NexBrands – Brand Vision Summit 2017-2018

She was the delighted recipient of multiple accolades that demonstrated her business competence as well as her unwavering commitment to helping those in need.

She is a wonderful woman who has made significant contributions to society. In Tirupathi, she also started a school for underprivileged young girls. She undoubtedly provided education, shelter, and boarding for underprivileged children. Her kind heart assisted many people in need. That’s how it became popular and won the hearts of the community. People will undoubtedly remember her for her past, current, and future accomplishments.
Nowhere shaik did not profit; instead, she established several excellent educational facilities for young women in India, where high-quality education was delivered at no cost. Her funds were used to cover all of the costs. This is what drew her into the realm of Business: she needed a way to conveniently handle the ever-increasing expenses of the educational institutions she owned.


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