Nowhera Shaik assures the investors

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Nowhera Shaik is a Chief Executive Officer and Managing director of Heera Group Corporation. In 2018 she was falsely accused by some 29 investors out of 1,70,000 investors. The accusation was that she was planning to run away with their money. The accusation was, of course, baseless. She had built a trust with her customers that it was hard even to imagine that she would cheat them.

Why investors still don’t get the money

Nowhera Shaik was arrested back in 2018. Police froze her bank accounts. The CCS seized her company’s data, server, hard disk, and laptop in a raid. And all her property was sealed by the police. Due to this, many investors who invested in the company got stuck as the company is inactive.

Investors become very concerned about their money. Also, some channels started spreading misinformation regarding Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group. This makes the situation even worse after long patience of three years by investors and Nowhera Shaik. The Supreme Court granted bail to Nowhera Shaik and ordered CCS to handle servers and laptops with data to Heera Group. The Supreme Court also ordered to unfreeze all the property and bank accounts which belong to Heera Group.

But the problem isn’t solved here. Despite many requests by Nowhera, CCS doesn’t give data to Heera Group. Nowhera Shaik isn’t able to pay back investors without complete access to data. Yesterday, the Court strictly ordered CCS to hand over all data to Heera Group as soon as possible. Despite the court order CCS was unable to comply with the order.

Nowhera Shaik has assured that she is working hard for the repayment of investors’ money. “We are never going to run away with investors’ money,” said Nowhera. She also announced that payment would be made in 4 installments. And if an investor is dead, then their nominee will be paid.


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