Nowhera Shaik; founder of Heera group of companies

Heera Group

One of India’s prominent political leaders and entrepreneurs, Nowhera Shaik, founded the Heera group to increase its funding in social services projects. In a brief period under her supervision, the Heera group of companies marked its presence both nationally and internationally in different sectors like jewellery, Travel and tourism, textiles, and e-commerce, with many shopping malls in major companies. With her strong determination and positive attitude, Heera products and services were soon trusted in the market.

Heera Group of companies were overgrowing and were making a considerable profit. Nowhera Shaik stepped into politics with the sole purpose of serving the community, and soon she became a prominent political leader in the country with a vision to change the standards of living for women. She was now successful in politics and was running a successful business side by side which wasn’t acceptable for her enemies for what she was attacked due to political rivalry.

Nowhera Shaik is an Business Women; She supports women in Business

From 1998 -The year in which the company was found to 2018- The year she was arrested, the Heera group functioned smoothly. She said in her statement that the Heera group of companies had given lots of opportunities to women in the business sector. With all the allegations, Nowhera Shaik announced that they would repay those who asked for their payment. Hence, it shows that Nowhera Shaik will continue her investment scheme for those people who are loyal to her and trusts her.

If this investment scheme were fake, some people claim to be, she would have run away with the money, but she stayed and is still keen to continue her unfinished Business after her release. This shows that the Heera group of the company will rise again and gain the people’s trust again.


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