Today is the Birthday of the Incredible Lady Nowhera Shaik ; a short story on her :

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Nowhera Shaik started her political journey under the name of his political party, All India Mahalia Empowerment Party. She was quite regular with his kindness and activism. She was always the one who risked everything to help her, Someone in need. Although she was always like that.

Remaining steadfast in one’s work despite facing various threats:

When she was transformed from the young and the weak, The daughter of this owner of the huge business industry, she has come a long way. She was a girl from the street, Who has endured much poverty and endured all hardships and has finally made a mark. Life begins with her company called Heera Group which has made a distinct mark, In the geography of the business world.

Seeing the increase in women’s cases, she launched more political parties, Oppression and the rise of polarization and hatred. She began to receive various offers and threats. Some even threatened to kill him if she allowed her party to run in the by-elections. Throughout her life she did not care about any threats and did not make the most important decisions, In her life that has changed her life forever.

Her political election was about the common man:

Moreover, Sohail Khan, Mohammad Azar, Karisma Kapoor and many other prominent personalities supported her. Her company and other initiatives were sincerely supported by many celebrities. Her political parties are star campaigners and ordinary people who fought elections. She did not get elected from any seat. She believes in maintaining an entire team rather than electing.

The party received very few vote shares, especially in the state assembly elections. The speeches before her election went viral and people saw a new alternative against the polarized environment of the state. She preached the cause of women’s empowerment in India. Her political party also contested the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It is still working on the field and hopes to accelerate the next election.


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