Nowhera Shaik- A role model for young entrepreneurs

Nowhera Shaik, An Iron Lady

Nowhera Shaik is a role model for many people and all the young women of India who aspires to be an entrepreneur or want to achieve their goals. We all know the hardships that a woman in India has to face to achieve her dreams, especially from a small village. Nowhera Shaik proved that wrong through her dedication and determination to achieve her goals. Nowhera Shaik, a Muslim woman in a black burqa, inspires all young Indian women entrepreneurs.
We all have a role model when we grow up whom we look up to while we are growing up. We follow them and wish to be like them to achieve such goals that they have achieved with their hardship, effort and dedication. By following their lives, we learn moral values and inspiration to succeed beyond the limits.

Nowhera shaik an entrepreneur, A Successful Lady

Suppose you want to achieve your goals, become a successful entrepreneur, or become a successful politician, then Nowhera Shaik is someone whom you can consider as your perfect role model. Her life is an ideal embodiment of hard work and dedication. With her positive attitude, she showed that you could achieve anything. She also taught us how to remain humble; despite building a business empire worth 2000 crore, you have to stay humble and treat people with love, care and kindness.

Nowhera Shaik always preached to everyone to believe in themselves. Do not care about the criticism you are facing; these are just the stones in your path of success trying to stop you from your goals; you shouldn’t pay even single heed to them and advance towards your goal, which is your dream destination. She taught me to never surrender and bow before my enemies; if you face difficulty, this is just a test for your patience, and you have to pass it if you want to advance towards your goal. If you surrender at any time, then your journey is made.


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