Nowhera Shaik, A Philanthropist, A Women influencer

Dr. Nowhera Shaik

Founder of Heera Group, Dr Nowhera Shaik is an eminent women magnate and philanthropist and lovingly called by her people as the Iron Lady. She earned this title due to her resilience, determination, principles, and valour. She is a business personality and CEO of the Heera Group consisting of 20 companies with headquarters situated at Hyderabad. The receiver of various awards namely the Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award, Bharat Gaurav Award, etc for her selfless service as an educationist towards the nation.

At the very tender age of 19, she started an educational institution in the year 1988 for girls. She started teaching only a batch of six students and which grew exponentially to around 300 students. All of these young women have claimed the oppressed plus freedom and slave base. As she hails from a business family, and to endure her work she sold her properties to fund larger schools for those deprived girls in all parts of the country like Andhra Pradesh, Surat, Mumbai to name a few.

Dr.Nowhera Shaik helps study only for important women and children. They fought for women’s rights, and she also thought that the students should get a good education, and Then he thought that religion should be a good citizen of India and Has provided assistance and supplies in more than 50 countries around the world

Dr Shaik set up her gold trading business in 1988 and within a decade she managed to establish “Heera Group” with diversified businesses namely Textile, Tours and Travels, Jewelry, Granite, Mineral Water, Gold Trading, Real Estate, etc. Heera Group was started with a small group of women in Hyderabad. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding around the world.


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