Nowhera Shaik- A name which is a danger for the enemies of India

Nowhera Shaik CEO Of Heera group, A Contributer

Nowhera Shaik is an entrepreneur and a powerful woman indeed. Through her determination and positive attitude, she dominated every field of life that she stepped into. It is because she aimed to promote goodness in society and to remove evil. She sought to make a community a better place where gender equality is given prime importance. A place where women could lead a successful life. To achieve her aims, she left no stones unturned she worked hard, and with her dedication, she soon became an inspiration for young women across India. 

Nowhera Shaik an enterprenur

Nowhera Shaik had no other aim but to promote goodness in society. And this aim is visible through her social services. She gave prime importance to uplift the community’s women by providing them with every kind of assistance. She offered them justice and raised awareness about women’s rights. 

Her political agenda was different, and she had the vision to change, and she proved that through her acts.

Nowhera Shaik was arrested in 2018 due to some false allegations made on a noble lady. That was merely done to stop her from performing her social services and continue her journey in politics. She was a threat to her enemies and the enemies of India. They could not digest the fact that a woman was successful in every sector of her life. Such people are clearly against women’s empowerment in society because they cannot see a powerful woman. This was the reason Nowhera Shaik was attacked as a result of political rivalry. She gained popularity as a political leader across many states as the people realized that she was a natural leader working to make a change in society.

But the lady of honour will soon return as she has to continue her unfinished mission to change society.


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