Nowhera Shaik: A life lived for the Nation

Nowhera Shaik images

It is a different thing to say that we loved our Nation or our beloved India. And by your actions, that is another thing. It is like shouting is distant from biting. Nowhera Shaik helps to stop the suffering of poor women in society. She does that by providing job and health care facilities in their locality. There are also other businesswomen and men. But who provides 2% of their income to needy people. A nation is built with its people. If you’re helping its people, you’re helping in developing a country. Nowhera Shaik proves herself patriotic from her actions. She is a true loyalist to her Nation.

From scratch to the topmost position in business, Nowhera Shaik never forgot her society and her people. She helped her brother and sister. Fighting each other and blaming one another is not a good attitude. If you want to serve your Nation, you have to put in some real work. And it can be done with a pure heart and true dedication towards your Nation. The love she shows for her Nation, brother and sister are unmatched. She has a motherly figure which is the most powerful form of love she has given to its people.

The work she had done in rural areas cannot be forgotten. She made health care facilities accessible to everyone. Now she was providing counseling, parental care, vaccines, and mobile clinics. With great power comes great responsibility, and that is applicable there also Nowhera Shaik understands her responsibilities. She was ready for any obstacle that came in her way. Despite doing so much for the Nation, she never asks anything. All she gets is hate and traps. But she never let anyone down in her mission.


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