There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.  

I have many questions about Dr Nowhera Shaik, who spent three years in jail when she is the owner of companies having a turnover of about Rs 5600 crores from 2010 till mid-2018.

This is huge damage. Damage is not only upon me but is about lacks of customers. who used to buy and sell products.

We can know more anywhere on social media about this strongest lady who built her business to its peak, having thousands of struggles on her way. 

She is not that woman who wanted to build her business and sit at her luxurious home. She dreamt of India having ladies living with their dreams fulfilled. She wanted every girl child to be saved and lived her life to the fullest. She did everything she can do to build an empowered nation.

Especially in countries like India, people believe that they need only boys as their kids and not girls because they leave their parents and be moved to in-law’s place. It’s not how they think; when a person has only girl kids, will he have to kill the children or suppress their dreams to live as they wish?

Nowhere Shaik has consistently opposed the way people think about a girl, and hence she found her first step to developing India by educating women. When every woman starts to live their dream life, OfCourse India will be one of the developed countries. 

It wasn’t only what she wanted to have; It was the desire of many outstanding leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. B R Ambedkar, and others to have women in India be independent and equally treated as men. 

Is that a crime to contribute to the development of India? When the people who get the vote and sit on their chair like dolls till their period ends, she wanted to work. Despite joining any political parties, she could build her party called "All India Mahila Empowerment Party''. Was building a party made her have more enemies?

She is seeking answers to all her questions. 

She didn’t cheat people and ran away.

She could clear all investors’ money right away; she has assets more than the money people filed FIR for.

She was arrested without notice.

Why did she have to be in jail for three years? Is that because she is a woman who worked these years successfully?


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