Nowhera proved Her innocence, and she never cheated anyone.

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Nowhera Shaik started the Heera Group to make the life of women and the poor better. She wanted to bring a ray of light and hope to the life of poor people. But some people with ill intentions blamed her for cheating people. She was then innocent and didn’t know about their ill intentions. She is a lady of pure heart and soul. She finds peace in reaching the needy one.

Nowhera is famous in both India and middle eastern countries. In middle east countries, she was recognised due to her cheap and quality product. Nowhera is a well-renowned philanthropist in India. She is known for her philanthropist work. Such as the opening of educational institutes and Charities. She had invested a lot of money for the upliftment of poor people in society.

Nowhera has a mission. She wants a society with equal status for both men and women. She has had this dream from her childhood. A person with such good intentions doesn’t cheat anyone. For Nowhera, betraying her people is like going into the fire. She was never going to trick anyone until her last breath. Her mission is to help other people rather than cheat them from her business.

A plot against Nowhera Shaik

In 2018 Nowhera was blamed for running a Ponzi scheme. A small group of investors filed an FIR against Nowhera for cheating them. This was the well-planned plot against Nowhera. They have come with complete preparation. Nowhera was innocent then. She was completely unaware of their planning, from the arrest of Nowhera to lending her behind bars. All things were done so frantically that people remained clueless.

But now she is out. She is now Giving back to investors. Whose money got stuck in the company. Due to a pause in company functionality. The company has already given back 50000 investors’ money despite not getting data from CSS. All she wants is that her Heera Group family face no problem. So how can she cheat them?


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