Nowhera is ready to come back in the business world with its all companies.

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After three disturbing years, Nowhera Shaik is back again. She recently showed a list of companies coming back on her website this month. To properly launch companies , Nowhera is putting full effort. The companies will be completely functional soon.

CCS doesn’t have given data yet. To run a company without data is very difficult. But seeing the determination of Nowhera. These companies will be at their full potential very soon.

Heera Gold

Heera Gold is the first company by Nowhera. It started back in 1998. Where a small group of women used to do gold business. Nowhera shared the profit with the group.

Heera Jewellers

With more than 5000+ variants of jewelry. Heera Jewellers holds ground firmly in the market. They have a presence in middle eastern countries as well as India. Their showroom provides the best customer experience. They also deliver jewelry to the doorstep.

Heera Developers

Heera Developer is a famous name in the building industry. They are in the top 5 building companies in India. India verifies them. They have the best workforce, qualified engineers, and fine building materials.

Heera Electronics

Heera Electronics provides electronics appliances at an affordable rate. They provide phones, computer parts, air conditioners, etc. They are dealing in home and kitchen appliances.

Heera Tour and Travels

Heera Group provides a comprehensive list of facilities. Needed during travel. They are now one of the biggest Tour and Travel companies in India and abroad. They believe in providing an extensive range of services to its consumer.

Heera Pure Drops

Heera pure drops provide pure and mineral water. They use the latest technology to make it the safest drinking water. It is a famous water bottle company among consumers.


It is an online shopping site by Heera Group. It has over 200 million app downloads. Heeradeals are merchandise in home decor, fashion, personal care, and general commodities.


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