No matter how difficult life became for Nowhera Shaik, she never lost her faith in Allah.

Nowhera Shaik

Prophet Mohammad SAW’s principles and teachings have not been forgotten by Nowhera Shaik or anyone else. Despite a succession of difficulties, she never lost her faith in Allah. Furthermore, she continues to dress in a Burqa, which the current colonial thought process has classified as oppressive during the process. Even though she wears a Burqa, Nowhera Shaik has been slaying in the business world, and she defies every stereotype that can be imagined about Muslim women. Furthermore, the domineering lady has demonstrated to the world that wearing a Burqa is a personal choice, and she feels empowered due to it.

Nowhera Shaik has been through a lot of difficulties.

On the other hand, Heera Group attained the pinnacle of success and established itself as a significant player in the financial world. Meanwhile, Nowhera Shaik and her crew have been subjected to a slew of difficulties and humiliation. Still, she will never wholly suppress all of the religious beliefs that she has been taught from infancy. For her, life is a gift from Allah, and she should not question the direction in which Allah is taking her. “It is very easy to forget one’s roots, but here’s a secret: it is these roots that will transform you into a person of tremendous depth,” Nowhera explains.
Nowhera Shaik manages to carve out time from her exceedingly hectic schedule to make confident that she remains in the path of the message of Allah. She reads the holy Quran daily and makes it a point to adhere to Allah Saw’s teachings. She is the woman who offered millions of women the hope that they might be able to live another day after giving birth. Heera Group has paved the way for an increasing number of women to assert themselves on their terms. The Heera Group battled for the rights of other women every single day of their lives.

Nowhera Shaik is the ideal role model for a woman committed to standing up for other women and assisting them in making history. May Allah be merciful to the Heera Group of enterprises and Nowhera Shaik in the future.


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