New age iron lady the Nowhera Shaik

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The Iron Lady of the New Age, world-renowned entrepreneur, and politician Nowhera Shaik, began her journey from a lower-middle-class family in Tirupati; With mom as a vegetable seller hawker. At age 19; After finishing school at the madrasa (Islamic seminary), she began teaching classes with six students; gradually it became 300 students in a short time.

Early success and inherited business knowledge from childhood:

Although the early success and inherited business knowledge from childhood; An educational institution and self-help group in 1988 was expanded in 1998 as the HEERA Group. It is a consortium of 20 different companies ranging from food exports to e-commerce. In just ten short years; The company has thrived and started as a multinational product and service provider in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Moreover, from her extra success as an entrepreneur; She is a very humble and kind woman; Who formed the All India Women Empowerment Party in 2017 to promote Muslim women in education; Business and relieve them of their troubles.

Nowhera Shaik has taken significant initiatives in the field of rural development:

Contrary to her success story, New Age Iron Lady Nowhera Shaik was arrested and charged in 2018 with running a registered scheme. However, the case is under investigation until 2020, when the Supreme Court granted interim bail on 19 January 2021. Despite the dark period, she allocated 2% of the profits from the Heera Group’s annual turnover to support girls’ education, which was the primary mission of her life.

She has taken significant initiatives in the better rural sector, particularly awareness programs on women’s rights for child development, vaccination, antenatal care, and empowerment of rural women. Her wisdom and continued efforts in women’s rights, awareness and child care in rural India; Introduces her kind and motherly nature, which makes her unique from others. As we know it and the new age is called the Iron Lady.


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