Investors always trusted Heera Group.

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Heera Group investors have shown firm faith in the company. In the difficult time when everybody has doubts about Nowhera’s abilities. And the Heera Group had fallen to the ground. At that time, Heera Group investors showed true friendship to the company. Heera Group investors remain loyal to the company. After Heera Group had closed, most of the investors remained patient. Nowhera’s rivals did their best to mislead the investors, but they failed. Most of the investors didn’t believe in rumours. They kept their trust in Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group.

Department didn’t cooperate even after Court orders.

After the Honourable Supreme Court gave the verdict in favour of Nowhera. But other departments did not comply with the orders. At that time, Nowhera was trying to get the data to give back investors’ money. If we leave some investors, most of them trust Nowhera. Betrayed by a bunch of investors, Nowhera never loses hope. After the Heera Group resumed its operation, lakhs of investors showed interest in the company. Heera Group is always one of the favourites of investors. The Halal Investment is the best source to make consistent income. The Halal Investment scheme is also friendly to Muslims.

Investors give full support to Nowhera.

When her political and business rivals destroyed Nowhera’s image, Nowhera got full support from her investors. In those three years, the ones who suffer the most are the investors. They waited patiently for the result. They put their trust in Nowhera. When the truth was unclear, and falsehood had prevailed. It is the investor who supported Nowhera. Heera Group has lakhs of investors. They have contributed to company growth in every stage. They are with Nowhera and Heera Group. Pray that this friendship remains as it is. And no one comes between them. Allah tests their relationship, and they pass it.


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