How to deal with negativity- A lesson learned from Nowhera Shaikh

"Nowhera Shaik a strong woman "

When Dr. Nowhera Shaikh was accused of running a Ponzi scheme, she remained patient and trusted Allah that she would be granted justice. She was being trolled a lot, and she showed patience and dealt all of this with calmness is exemplary.
Through her acts, she taught us how to remain steadfast during the tough times and to keep our faith in Allah as he is the best helper and he will never let his beloved person fall.
If you explore the life of Nowhera Shaikh a strong woman, you can learn millions of lessons. You will learn some great moral values, motivation, and how to deal with challenging situations and negativity around you.
Nowhera Shaikh is a role model, for young generations. She is indeed a powerful woman. She dominated every sphere of life she entered because of her persistence and optimistic outlook. It is because she aimed to promote goodness in society and to remove evil. She sought to make a community a better place where gender equality is given prime importance. A place where women could lead a successful life. To achieve her aims, she left no stones unturned she worked hard, and with her dedication, she soon became an inspiration for young women across India. 

Nowhera Shaikh a strong woman ; Get to Know more about the Incredible Lady

Dr. Nowhera Shaikh has demonstrated that nothing is unachievable if a devoted and determined individual perseveres. She had gone through a lot of pain, suffering, and disgrace to get to where she is now. A gang of politically motivated individuals is now yelling about how she instructed others to execute fraud. When asked about scams in-depth, though, they generally blabber a few phrases they heard on social media. Heera Group of Companies went through legal reorganization and rebuilt itself to provide the same service with enthusiasm.
Dr. Nowhera Shaikh has filed defamation actions against all social media trolls, including YouTube channels, because they are the trustworthy source of the problem. Some news outlets have connected the Heera organization to a Ponzi scheme. She will soon file a lawsuit against them because Dr. Nowhera Shaikh is ready to come back stronger than before.


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