How important is education for Nowhera Shaik

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No Nation can sustain itself without an education system. An uneducated person brings nothing but myths and illogical customs. Education increases a person’s knowledge in a diverse field to the extent that they have become independent. To be logical, you should be knowledgeable. An educated person brings innovation and prosperity to his country. An educated person can employ thousands of people. Educated people can help in the nation-building process. Education is a central pillar of any country’s system. To make a country developed requires a sizeable educated workforce. Education is a must for a person for a prosperous life.

Knowledge is a powerful weapon.

Nowhera knows the benefit of education. She knows how powerful a weapon education is for women. And how it can change the life of any person. Education is the biggest weapon against our enemy. She knows the importance of education. She has built many schools and colleges to provide education for girls. When she was young, she even created a school for the education of poor girls. Many NGOs are running under the Heera Group. Nowhera also helps in the education of orphan children to get out of poverty and live a respectable life.

Despite many responsibilities, Nowhera Shaik can deliver what she is expected to

Being a lady with so much responsibility is not easy. Every day brings new challenges to her life. But she enjoys challenges. She helps families in poverty with affection and kindness. With sincerity and dedication, she can achieve what others take years. But still, she is there for her nation. She has an impressive personality. And a very kind heart. When this Patriarchal society had neglected the women, this brave lady brought hope and opportunities for women to rise on their own feet.


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