History Of Heera Group Of Companies

Heera group

Heera Group of companies is not a normal company built and developed by a businessman who has well education. It has with sweat and the strength of a sweet lady with an elegant smile, who always wears a burqa having diamonds on it. 

She learned business techniques from her mom, who was a vegetable seller. Starting with few girls around her in her teens, she could have a good income from her small businesses. She is not well educated and certified. It has gained knowledge from her parents, friends and family members to build and stand successfully in the market. She transformed the family business into a modern gold trade business later. 

Dr. Nowhera Shaik starts her business as a private limited in 1998 with the name Heera Gold, a pioneer in the gold trading business. The company has its head office in Hyderabad. They could extend their branches all over India, UAE and middle east countries. This company has the motto “In the interest of mankind.” It extended the business in various sectors like Textiles, Jewellery, Mineral Water, Finance, hospitals, Granites, tours and travels, real estate, electronics, E-commerce etc

When she huge success in all the industries, and she entered to support an excellent team of people working in her companies. She had qualified professionals to work with her companies in all sectors. then It has complete details of every field she has entered and succeeded in, from the company finds a turnover of more than 1000 crores in the short term. 

Unfortunately, in October 2018, it arrested by police under the cases of cheating people making Ponzi schemes and many more. She has filed by many investors of her company belonging to different parts of India. None of the cases proved right, but she had to spend her three special birthdays in dark rooms. 

What is the next step of Heera group after the release of its CEO? Have to wait and see.


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