Heera Mart Step-into the market again

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Covid comes as a complete stop in the life of most people. When covid enters India, the government puts a nationwide lockdown. All seems to be stopped. Everything had halted. Many people lost their life, job, work, etc. The economy was at an all-time low. Everything becomes unclear. People don’t know how to recover from this global crisis. There was a hike in covid cases all over the country. The government took necessary precautions, put a nationwide lockdown. The businesses, too, were hit by the lockdown. Some companies become entirely dysfunctional. And many suffer significant losses. Heera Mart was also hit by the covid lockdown.

Inauguration of Heera Mart

Due to an ongoing case on Heera Group of companies. The past few years were very hard on Heera Group, and investigating officials had closed Heera Group and its branches. With the opening of the Heera Group and its all components ; Heera Mart is ready to step in into the market. Recently its inauguration was held at the land of Kukatpally. Inauguration attended by many celebrities, including the former captain of Indian cricket team Mohammed Azharuddin, Sunil Shetty, Karishma Kapoor, and Director V.V. Vinayak. The event had inaugurated by Deputy chief minister Mr Mahmood Ali. Soon Heera Mart will be functioning.

Bounce back of Heera Group

Heera Mart is coming back in a completely new form. With its wide range of products for almost every person. It’s coming back with online functionality. People now have the option of shopping from their homes, as covid on the rise. A new variant of Covid Omicron has already entered the nation. So, it is safe and suitable to shop from home. Heera Mart provides clean and contact-less delivery. So that you and your family remain secure even in the Covid. With your prayers, Heera Mart has already started. And soon will be functioning fully.


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