Heera group’s donations for the women’s welfare

Nowhera Shaikh

Nowhera Shaikh launched the Heera group with the sole aim of providing better social services. Especially for the women. Heera group, since its launch, has donated lots of money for the welfare of women.
Nowhera Shaikh founded the Heera Group of companies in 1998, intending to employ women and girls in my community. Initially, she worked at the local level, encouraging individuals to join the effort. Women from the community contributed significantly, giving the Heera Group of firms a strong start.
Heera Group has already been in operation for 23 years, and it has improved the lives of thousands of hardworking women. Heera Group of Enterprises is part of a partnership of over 20 companies specializing in practically all everyday use products. It deals in gold and silver, as well as electronics, real estate, and mineral water.
The c operates several charitable trusts to assist impoverished and needy women in the community. However, many hardworking women regard Nowhera Shaikh as a role model, and She is always willing to help them in their time of need.

Heera Group provides women’s rights and liberties; most notably, it provides women with a 50 percent reservation.

They have created job chances for women who are beginning to achieve success in their lives. Women started to invest in this enormous firm, and Nowhera Shaikh starts to share their gains regularly.
The concept thrived, and in 2008, I insisted on forming a company to handle a large-scale operation. It was the first time she established the company Heera Gold. And it was incorporated as a private limited business. Today, Heera Gold is the company’s cash cow, commanding the Indian and international gold markets.
Nowhera Shaikh is currently running over 50 educational and charity organizations for women and girls’ children. The Heera Group of Companies distributes 50% of its profits to women’s and children’s development activities. Women’s issues have always been a top focus for her, and She has donated millions of rupees to help them.
One magazine wrote an excellent phrase for the great lady: “From a vegetable vendor’s daughter to the inspiration of millions of women, Nowhera Shaikh has become synonymous with achievement.”
Currently, Nowhera is planning to donate 1000 crore rupees to develop hospitals, particularly women’s hospitals, with an all-female staff. It will make health care more accessible to poor and needy women.


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