Heera group to organize an event for all the investors

Heera Group

As the Supreme Court of India has granted Nowhera Shaik regular bail, the Heera Group of Companies has decided to host an investors’ feast.
Nowhera Shaik expressed her gratitude by saying that:
The Supreme Court of India granted me regular bail in all of my outstanding cases on August 5th. I plan to make several exciting offers to my investors as a way of thanking them for their continued support. Meanwhile, I’ve decided to create Heera Digital Gold to offer digital services to Heera Gold investors. My investors’ love and care for me are unfathomable, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I have always treated my investors as if they were my children, and I have never turned down an opportunity to meet with them.
However, she further stated that the previous two years have been extremely hectic for the Heera Group of companies and me, and I have missed you all.

Nowhera Shaik values her employees on Heera Group

Investors are always welcome at my home, and I am always willing to meet with them. According to one of my investors, “after you meet with Dr Nowhera Shaik, you would never believe that the lady has a property worth Rs 1 lakh crore.”
Hearing these sorts of comments from investors gives you chills, inspiring me to work harder. I am the founder and president of a political party with a stronghold among women from the margins of society who outnumber all Muslims.
She announced that All investors from around the country and around the world are welcome at my home. I’m delighted to think that I’ll be able to meet with my investors after such a long time. You constantly motivate me to work hard, and, most importantly, you always encourage me. Alhamdulillah, the Supreme Court of India granted me regular bail, and I shall be available to you at all times.


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