Heera Group of Enterprises specializes in almost every product used in daily life.

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Nowhera Shaik has been in business for 23 years and has helped thousands of hardworking women improve their lives. Heera Group of Enterprises is part of a partnership of over 20 companies that specialize in almost every product used in daily life. It deals in gold, silver, electronics, real estate, and mineral water, among other things. Heera Group promotes women’s causes. Heera Group is not just an organisation that seeks to generate profits from its wide range of products; it is the natural promoter of women’s causes. Although starting from training women in the office to providing them with vocational skills, it has massively promoted the cause of women’s empowerment in remote villages.

The Heera Group 2.0 comes with the new plan, and it will help customers and investors. The company is increasing in foreign nations, and it will run business in overseas nations. It has a strong base in Gulf nations and Middle East countries above all customers across the gulf love our products.

List of Heera Group of companies.

Let us have a look at the number of Heera Group companies;

Heera Digital Gold: Heera Digital Gold is one of the essential associate companies of the organisation. It provides incredibly authentic quality gold bars at an affordable price. It is the key player in the Heera Group business and has a fair share in the International gold market.

Heera Developers: Heera Developers is a significant industry that has very high villa projects under its heading. It has pretty high project supplies based in the middle eastern countries.

Heera Electronics: Heera Electronics is a straightforward solution for consumers who want quality electronic parts at a minimum price range. Our products are eco-friendly, keeping in mind sustainable development for the future.

Heera Tours & Travels: Heera Tour and Travels is a one-stop trust solution for all travel lovers. It helps you to plan your tours and long or short trips with family and friends. From national to international travelling facilities, it has all that you need to plan your holidays.


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